We are CerebroSpark Innovations from Pune. You can call us entrepreneurs, drone enthusiasts, aerial photographers, makers, trainers, and best buddies. As young engineers, we always wondered why we can't have something called "The Indian Dream." Our Indian dream of giving drone enthusiasts like us a smart toy-like drone culminated as CerebroSpark Innovations. Since 2018, we have been designing and building small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for artistic and practical aerial photography through CerebroSpark Innovations.

As early adopters, we became the unofficial representatives for UAV technology for our region's student community and media. Over the past three years, we have tested and tried several drones and developed a design that's best suited for more enthusiasts like us. We keep up with the advancements in hardware, software, and drone news stories to represent drone builders and users in an artistic and innovative light.

Our vision is to make drones available and accessible to every Indian tech enthusiast who can bring in his creativity to put it to fair use. We facilitate a working model that will make your imagination fly!!

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